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Size: 3,222 acres

Units:  Master-planned community of 13,400 homes

Developer:  Walton International

Jurisdiction:  Caldwell County, Texas

Status:  Entitlement Stage

Synopsis: Incorporating the 606-acre Caldwell Ranch tract as its “front door”, this site creates a new town with a village core at its centroid along a new road connecting two highways. This rural area of farmland is poised to accept growth, outside of the more environmentally sensitive Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone to the west. Conceptual planning services were provided to create a cohesive community through the constraints of topography, parcel configuration, development program requirements, and surrounding circulation. Land uses include single-family and multifamily residential, community and neighborhood parks, schools, commercial and juxtaposing the urban core with the existing riparian areas and flood plains to inform structure of the community and honor the rural to urban transect with a gradation of land uses and densities.




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