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Kimberlin Heights_2011-12-28.jpg

Size:  1,200 acres

Units:  Master-planned community of 4,300 homes

Developer:  Walton International

Jurisdiction:  Grayson County County, Texas

Status:  Entitlement Stage

Synopsis:  Establishing a cohesive community on a 1,200-acre parcel bisected by a proposed tollway provided the challenges to the conceptual design of this site on the outskirts of the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex. Conceptual planning services were provided for this rural 1,200 acre parcel in an area of additional acquisitions. Topographic constraints, the proposed tollway, the panhandle configuration of the parcel, development program requirements, and surrounding circulation were all taken into account in the design of this community. Land uses include single-family residential in a range of densities; multifamily options, community and neighborhood parks; schools; neighborhood commercial; and open space Paseos for pedestrian connectivity and conveyance of storm runoff.




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