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Size:  1,105 acres

Units:  Master-planned motor sports community of 1,475 homes

Developer:  Ron Preston

Jurisdiction:  Imperial County, California

Status:  On-hold

Synopsis:  Desert Springs Resort provides the motor sports enthusiast with a resort environment for the enjoyment of recreational vehicles, sports cars on a road course, water sports lakes, and off-road activities in the Imperial Valley desert. Pangaea provided urban and policy planning and civil engineering design services for the Tentative Map and Specific Plan. This innovative resort is programmed with lots for recreational vehicles fronting water features and an executive golf course, lots for vacation homes surrounding four water ski lakes, estate lots, vacation villas, and garage villas. Also included are a 4-mile road course for sports cars and access to off-road vehicle recreational areas. Resort amenities include a central clubhouse, tennis courts, a spa, and satellite recreation facilities. The road course is supported by garage storage and maintenance facilities, along with commercial services and a refueling station. Services include urban and policy planning, grading, utility design, and graphics services supporting the preparation of the Tentative Map and Specific Plan.




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