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Conceptual Bubble Plan.jpg

Size:  7,000 acres

Units:  Master-planned community of 21,000 homes

Developer:  Walton International

Jurisdiction:  Hunt County, Texas

Status:  Entitlement Stage

Synopsis:  The coupling of design aesthetics and engineering solutions forged a conceptual plan for this vast new town comprised of disparate parcels across Texas farmland. Conceptual planning was prepared for the design of this new city proposed for 7,000 acres of assembled land in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. Regional circulation, County arterials, and floodplains of local watersheds were joined with urban design principles to formulate a land plan and mix of uses grounded in the physical and economic realities for a community of over 21,000 homes. Existing rail lines provide the opportunity for a major inter-modal transfer facility; proposed highway upgrades establish the front door to the land assembly; primary circulation elements define an employment corridor and mixed-use heart of the community; and a dozen residential densities couple with parks, schools, commercial, and civic uses to define villages – each with its own identity.




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